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News: Visit to Zaluchchia Orphanage on 16 April 2016

16 April 2016

On 16 April, the UPN volunteers visited disabled children and youth at Zaluchchia Orphanage. This sunny spring day opened the season of walks with our special friends so most of the time we sent outdoors. The birthday boy Oleh Tsybenko received a present donated by our volunteer Tania Okrepka, and Serhiy Plotenko got a DVD player donated by our volunteer Ivan Hrysyak. Other children also got presents from our volunteers. We would like to thank our special friends, our volunteers, and the staff of the orphanage for a wonderful day we had together! 
Unfortunately, physically disabled children and youth who live on the first floor and cannot walk independently, rarely get outdoors as there is neither an elevator nor a wheelchair ramp. When it is warm, we are going to spend more time with them outside. To do so, we need to carry our special friends down from the first floor – we need strong men’s hands during our visits! Gentlemen, we are waiting for you to join our team!
The photos of our visit to the orphanage are available here.

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