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News: Action of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2 December 2011 (updated 17/01/2012)

22 December 2011

Ukrainian volunteers in Switzerland are collecting gifts - toys for the children of the Melnitsa-Podolsky Orphanage (Ternopil region). This orphanage brings up not just orphans, but children, who are orphans and have had another crushing blow of fate - they have physical and (or) mental disabilities.

We initiate this action in anticipation of the third December (International Day of Persons with Disabilities) in order to allow the Ukrainian, who are now far from the homeland, to make gifts for orphans with disabilities in Ukraine.

Those, who wish to join the action from Ukraine and other countries, can send their toys to the following address for "Ukrainian philanthropic network", premise to a question in the post office number 18 in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, index 76018.

Notify us about sending the parcel by telephone: (0342) 54-24-01 or 502-403.

Details of the action can be found on forum "Ukrainian in the Switzerland".

(On the photo: pupils of the Melnitsa-Podolskiy orphanage with collected gifts).

The Ukrainian Philanthropic Network announces the completion of the first phase of collecting charitable gifts - toys donated by the Ukrainian volunteers in Switzerland for boys from Melnitsa-Podolskiy orphanage.

(On the photo: pupils of the Melnitsa-Podolskiy orphanage with collected gifts).

We thank all careful people who became involved in this charity event!

We thank Mr. Ivan Duhnych for the comprehensive charity support, Mr. Alex and his companion for high quality transportation of the collected gifts.

"The Ukrainian charitable network" announces the completion of the charitable action "Collecting toys by the volunteers of Switzerland for the pupils of the Melnitsa-Podolsky orphanage".

To everyone, who wants to help orphans with special needs, we announce, that the deadline for collecting toys is 27th Januayt, 2012.

We thank all those, who have joined the charity case!

The final report will be published on the 27th February, 2012

Ukrainian philanthropic network does not stop it's charity aimed at improving the lives of orphans at the Melnitsa-Podolsky orphanage.

We are planning another charity project, which will be launched in February 2012.

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