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New home for the orphans with disabilities? It is real! Join the next stage!

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Coordinator: / Vasyl Futerko, (067) 340-53-63, (050) 344-57-78
Priority: The most important thing
Date: 01 October 2018

“House of Faith, Hope and Love” - future supported living center for the orphans with disabilities — Uliana, Liubov, Vasyl, Ihor, who are fosterlings of social orphanages. Houses like this are new for Ukraine, but are quite common for developed countries, who has refused from group homes (the ones, that our country inherited from USSR). More details about House you can find here. 

Now it is necessary to install the sewerage system in the “House of Faith, Hope and Love”. We do not want to use the inveterate solutions that are environmentally hazardous, that’s why we are going to install a modern system of autonomous sewerage (ASC) in the house. Now we have settled on the ASC of the Ukrainian Production - ZELENA SKELIA®.

The next big stages on the way of “House of Faith, Hope and Love” (for their implementation there will be opened and announced certain needs) is insulation of the house; arrangement of the outdoor space; furniture, installation of plumbing equipment, household equipment, decor elements (last stage).

The remaining funds (if there are any) raised for the installation of an autonomous sewer system will be used for other needs of “House of Faith, Hope and Love”.

Report on collected funds and expenses

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