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Disabled Orphans Are Dreaming of Warm and Modern Creative Studio!

Coordinator: / Roman Boleichuk, . (063) 931-51-72
Priority: Necessary
Date: 14 March 2014

The orphans living at Rozdil Orphanage have mental and physical disabilities. For disabled children, every new day is like a new challenge – the same people, the same walls, the same teachers… The boys who live at Rozdil Orphanage want to work and develop through arts and crafts, regardless of the season!

One of the teachers of the orphanage says, “We have a room but no proper conditions to work here in winter. The windows are old, time takes its toll. The door is self-made – it is OK, I used to have the same in my barn. We urgently need help with carpentry because it is impossible to fill those gaps with foam. We are looking for funds to buy proper new windows and doors. We would also like to renovate the room. So we need your help. Maybe someone can donate a window, someone putty, and someone money. The boys will appreciate your help”.

The class room where teachers work with the boys needs to be repaired! The main problem are  the windows and doors that are cooling the room despite radiators so it is impossible to work there with children in winter. There are also some problems with the floor – the basis got rotten and needs to be replaced. It should be noted that occupational therapy is essential at orphanages for disabled children and youth.

Our goal is to make the children’s dream of a warm, cosy, and modern creative studio come true! If we raise a small amount of money, we will buy the necessary materials for minor renovation of the room according to the request of the orphanage (the letter is available here). If we raise more money, we will be able to pay for major renovation.

Also, the children need the following:

-          Beads;

-          Embroidery threads;

-          Weaving yarn;

-          Coloured cardboard;

-          Puzzles (preferably larger);

-          Colouring books and pencils;

-          Footballs;

-          Other balls (not heavy, can be smaller such as volleyballs or handballs);

-          Badminton rackets or paddles with attached balls;

-          Kick scooters (can be used);

-          Flying disks;

-          Albums or A4 paper;

-          Modelling clay.

Such small things will help children do something interesting and educational as the needs promoting children’s development are a priority for us.

The report on donations and expenses is available here.

How you can help:

1.     Donate via PayPal (please earmark your donation: Donation, Rozdil Orphanage, need 10-14): donation@ubm.org.ua

2.     Donate via LiqPay using your bank card Visa or Mastercard – please fill out the form below.

Please note the country where you bank card is issued and the country of your telephone number should match.

3.     Donate via bank transfer (in USD)

IBAN UA763366770000026004057000339

Details of payment: donation, Rozdil Orphanage, need 10-14.

4.     Donate via bank transfer (in EUR):

IBAN UA033366770000026008057001323

Details of payment: donation, Rozdil Orphanage, need 10-14.

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