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Expansion "House of Faith, Hope, Love": from 4 to 8 orphans with disabilities!

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Coordinator: Василь Футерко, https://www.facebook.com/vasyl.futerko
Priority: Necessary
Date: 20 November 2019
“House of Faith, Hope and Love” is home for 4 young orphans with disabilities, who, before moving to this cozy and modern  residence on the 12th of July, 2019, had stayed in the social orphanage. Uliana, Liuba, Yana and Ihor have started a new life here. They learn new things, overcome difficulties, integrate into the community, try to bring to the society the appeal of hundreds of other orphans with disabilities, who also strive to live in such conditions rather than stay in the Soviet-style orphanages.
The area of the land parcel, on which the House is located, allows to build an additional small building, around 60-70 m², where can be 2 bedrooms, separate shower and toilet rooms, as well as a living room. Due to the construction of the additional building, the House will be able to accommodate 4 more residents, so overall 8 people will be able to live in there.
The stage of the enlargement of the House begins with the initiative of Rostyslav Kuziakiv, the volunteer, who has dedicated to this charitable cause his run at the 42nd “Escalade Race” Marathon on the 1st of December, 2019 in Geneva.
Construction of the additional building is a long process that requires a lot of effort, money and other resources, but we believe that in 2020 we will be able to start and finish the process of its creation. We plan that the construction will be done using the frame technology, the advantages of which are high energy efficiency, speed of construction and relatively low cost. To attract the contractor, we plan to contact several companies that use this technology on their construction, and then to choose the best offer. The estimated market value (without discounts) of the construction of such turnkey building is approximately 30,000 USD. If the construction of the building will be cheaper, then all the saved money will be directed to the further improvement of the House (roof repair, plastering of the external walls, etc.).
The funds raised during the stage of the enlargement of the House, will also help it to function during the first months of 2020. During the period we expect, there will be the new attraction of the financing through social procurement (this procedure is quite long), the presence of temporarily available funds will allow the House to exist autonomously (ie, previously at the expenses of the charitable funds, but with the further reimbursement of expenses from the budget).
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1. To transfer the funds to the PayPal of the general partner of the House of Faith, Hope and Love - Ukrainian Women in Business:

2. Donation via LiqPay (payment system of PrivatBank, Ukraine):
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