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Community Assistants (Specialists) for Residents of Zaluchchia Orphanage on Weekends

Date: 01 February 2015


At Zaluchchia Orphanage, there are several dozens of orphans with severe disabilities who are unable even to stand up without assistance. On weekends, they just lie in bed. There is nobody to put them into wheelchairs, help go for a walk with them, or just to play with them. There is a critical lack of staff at the orphanage, and this will not change in the nearest future because of the war. In particular, there is a lack of qualified specialists. That is why we believe that community assistants are need here – experienced specialists who would visit disabled orphans every weekend.

Zaluchchia Orphanage is a special orphanage of the 4th type. There are only 4 such institutions in Ukraine. It is home to more than one hundred children with physical and intellectual disabilities, a lot of whom are bedridden.

On weekends, there are no orphanage staff who conducts therapy for the children – there are only staff involved in basic care. We believe that constant work of community assistants, i.e. full working days on Saturday and Sunday (for example, from 9am to 6pm) would significantly improve the lives of the residents of Zaluchchia Orphanage.

Our aim is to organise a group of community assistants who will come to Zaluchchia Orphanage every weekend – people experienced in working with children (for example, a psychologist, a physical therapist, and a social worker). The nearest city where we can find such experienced specialists – Chernivtsi – is 50 kilometres from the orphanage. It is very difficult to find specialists who would volunteer at the orphanage 8 hours per day. That is why we would appreciate your help to hire paid community assistants.

With the help of community assistants, orphans with severe disabilities will be able spend their time not only in bed. We will start this initiative as soon as we have a sufficient amount of funds to pay such specialists – we would very much appreciate your donation!



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