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Help Darynka from Zaluchchia Orphanage to walk!

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Priority: The most important thing
Date: 10 August 2018

Aim of the need

All the volunteers call Darynka from Zaluchchia Orphanage a real sunshine! She is sincere, positive and clever girl, who shines with kindness and shares it with everyone, who visit her.

From her childhood she has been wheelchair-bound, but now she has a chance to walk!

This girl was examined in Lviv Regional Children’s Teaching Hospital “Ohmatdyt” by one of the best surgeon-orthopaedist of Ukraine – Oleksandr Ivanovych Korolkov, who said that the surgery can help Darynka walk.

The tentative date of surgery is August, 20, but it is likely that the surgery should be done in several stages. Overall Darynka will stay in the hospital around 1.5 months. After the surgery she will have longtime rehabilitation.

Ukrainian Philanthropic Network starts fund raising for examination, medicines, stay in the hospital, surgery itself, rehabilitation and other current expenses.

You can help Darynka walk!

Contacts, reports, information for help

Coordinator of the program: Anton Kostyshyn, 0976458817

Report about collected donations and their expenses

News from Darynka

How to help?

1. Make donation with Visa or MasterCard bank card online:

2. Make donation on our account No. 5169 3324 0543 6935. Please indicate “Donation need 67-18” in comments (assignment) of the payment.

3. Make donation via any terminal of PrivatBank. To do this, you need:
- to come to the nearest terminal of PrivatBank, the address of which you can find on the 
website of the bank. Terminals are located not only in the branches of PrivatBank, but also in stores and other public establishments, which also work in weekends.
- to find with terminal our charity organization as beneficiary by ID No. 36498142. To do this you need to choose menu option “Other payments”, then option “…search by name or details…”, after finding us enter a code No. 36498142 in the field “” (National Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations) (a search result “Ukrainian Charity Network , CO” shall be displayed). You need to indicate number of this need No. 67-18 in the assignment of payment, which you have to change by yourself.

4. Make donation in any bank on the territory of Ukraine with the following details:
- beneficiary: CO “Ukrainian Charity Network  “;
- ID (EDRPOU): 36498142;
- beneficiary’s bank: IF Branch of “PrivatBank” PJSC;
- bank code (MFO) 336677;
- account No. 26001060399676;
- assignment of the payment: Donation for need 67-18.

5. Make donation from abroad:
- on accounts for SWIFT international bank transfers (please indicate "Donation, need 67-18" in comments (assignment) of the payment):
IBAN UA763366770000026004057000339 (for donations in USD);
IBAN UA033366770000026008057001323 (for donations in EURO).

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