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This page describes the ways to help orphans with physical or intellectual disabilities, whose specific current needs (urgent, necessary and desired) you can find using the form above.

Information about our financial policy is available here.

How you can help:

1. Donate via LiqPay using your bank card Visa or Mastercard – please fill out the form below.

Please note the country where you bank card is issued and the country of your telephone number should match.


3. Donate via bank transfer (in USD):

IBAN UA763366770000026004057000339

Details of payment: donation

4. Donate via bank transfer (in EUR):

IBAN UA033366770000026008057001323

Details of payment: donation

5. Invite your colleagues to join in (from work, educational institution, sports club or any other). More information: Our Team Is Helping

6. Join our community on social networks and invite friends to them.



7. Personally buy and present the necessary things to an orphanage. In order to do this, please contact us – it is important to provide the right help, not harmful (yes, it happens).

8. Subscribe to our newsletter.

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