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Program news

- Physical exercises and movement trainings in Pohonia Psychoneurological Orphanage
- Correctional exercises, individual counseling and New Year mood in Pohonia Orphanage
- Individual counseling and diagnosing emotional state of orphans in Pohonia Orphanage
- Correctional activities in Pohonia Orphanage on St. Nikolaus Day
- Correction and development activities and dance and movement therapy in Pohonia orphanage

- Discussion of preparation to New Year and creative works of Pohonia Orphanage orphans
- Art-therapy and individual counseling with psychologist in Pohonia orphanage

- Training, psycho-correctional activities and workout in Pohonia Orphanage
- Birthday of Pohonia Orphanage orphan and doing psychological exercises
- Guests in Pohonia Female Orphanage
- Sports and development activities outside and scream therapy
- Drawings of orphans as the way of evaluating their emotional state
- Activities with Ukrainian Charity Network applied psychologist and a concert on the occasion of the International Day of older persons
Correction and development activities with psychologist and excursion in Halych National Nature Park
- Autumn activities of Pohonia Orphanage orphans with the psychologist outside
- Fairy tale therapy on the activities of psychologist in Pohonia Orphanage
- Mental warm-up and checking homework in Pohonia Orphanage
- Outdoor autumn classes of the inhabitants of Pohonyansk foster home  with a psychologist 

- Harmonizing inner world and reducing anxiety on the activities with Ukrainian Charity Network psychologist
Activities with Pohonia Orphanage psychologist and excursion to Sofron Dmyterko monument
Discussing plan of activities and meditating with music in Pohonia Orphanage

- Frisbee and soap-bubbles in Kolomyia Orphanage 
- Orphans of Pohonia Orphanage sang songs and communicated with the priest
- Classes with the Pogonyan boarding school took place on the territory of the Holy Assumption Monastery
- Peculiarities of psychologist work during the summer time with the children of Kolomyia orphanage 
- Interpersonal communication of Pohonyansk foster home residents and individual consultations with a psychologist 

- Hot summer is not an obstacle to a psychologist training in Pohonyansk foster home 

- Individual classes in Kolomyia orphanage
- Playing dominoes and training in Kolomyia Orphanage

- The residents of Pohonyansk foster home were learning to play checkers
- Revising material with the psychologist of Kolomyia orphanage
- Ivan Kupala Day in Pohonia Orphanage
- Personal counseling with orphans of Pohonia Orphanage
- Development of motor skills and attention and discussion of cartoon at activities with psychologist
- Development, education and socialization of orphans of Pohonia Female Orphanage
- Joy at a playground and walking in the park and by the lake
- Active games and communication with nature at activities with psychologist
- Learning the map of Ukraine by orphans of Kolomyia Orphanage
- Reinforcing information with orphans of Kolomyia Orphanage
- The best song contest in Pohonia Orphanage

- First summer activities of Pohonia Orphanage orphan was held outside with the psychologist
- Activities of psychologist with orphans of Pohonia Orphanage was held in a forest
- Learning sea animals with psychologist at activities in Kolomyia Orphanage
- Pohonia Orphanage orphans learned to believe in themselves at activities
- “Compare, think and classify” and “Freeze” games at the activities of Kolomyia Orphanage psychologist
- Drawing as opportunity to tell about oneself
- Defile and dance therapy classes in Pohonyansk boarding school

- International Day of the Sun and decoration of the classroom in Kolomyia orphanage

- Activities with psychologist in Pohonia Orphanage were held outside
- Developing attention, observation and imagination at the activities with Kolomyia Orphanage psychologist
- Give Svitlana a chance to make her dream true – help to publish a book of poems
- Activities with a psychologist in Pohonia Orphanage dedicated to the anniversary of accident at Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant
- Active activities with psychologist and congratulating birthday boys and girls in Kolomyia Orphanage
- Opening canteen, talks about Easter and checking homework in Pohonia Orphanage
- Talks about Easter, dance and photo therapy at activities in Kolomyia Orphanage
- Activities for own pleasure and physical exercises in Pohonia Female Orphanage
- Orphans of Pohonia Orphanage visited the monastery and held trainings outdoors
- Conversation about the Annunciation and copybook decoration at Kolomiya orphanage boarding school
- The students of Kolomiya boarding school were watching educational cartoons
- Kolomyia orphanage students were drawing using point technique
- "Hello Spring" class had been held in Pohonyanskyy boarding school
- Female orphans of Pohonia Orphanage visited “100 THOUSAND OF HOPES” exhibition
- Ukrainian Charity Network psychologist resumed work in Kolomyia Orphanage
- Psychologist continues holding activities in Pohonia Orphanage
- Creativity of Pohonia Orphanage orphan
- Applied psychologist started her work in Deliatyn Orphanage
- Pohonia Orphanage received the present – a notebook
- Ukrainian Charity Network psychologist held training exercises in Pohonia Orphanage
- Activities with psychologist in Pohonia Orphanage in the period of New Year holidays
- December activities with psychologist in Pohonia Orphanage
- Kolomyia Orphanage groundlessly REFUSED the charitable assistance – weekly activities of applied psychologist
- Regular group and collective activities in Pohonia Psychoneurological Female Orphanage were held
- Multimedia projector is delivered to Pohonia Psychoneurological Orphanage
- Correctional and developing activity for children of Kolomyia Orphanage
- Holding the event on The Day of Wise Human and The Day of Vira, Nadia, Liubov and their mother Sofia in Pohonia Orphanage
- Resting in park
- Creativity activities in Kolomyia Orphanage
- Peculiarities of psychologist’s work with orphans of the orphanage
- Orphans of Kolomyia Orphanage joined excursion in “Bastion” Fortress Gallery
- Saints Peter and Paul Feast
- Activities with children will be continued in summer
- First results of psychologist activities in orphanages
- The next activity of Ukrainian Charity Network psychologist with orphans of Kolomyia Orphanage was held on April 21
- Activity of Ukrainian Charity Network psychologist with female orphans of Kolomyia Orphanage was held on March 17 
- Ukrainian Charity Network psychologist started work in Pohonia Psychoneurological Orphanage
- Psychologist of the Ukrainian Philanthropic Network Started Working at Kolomyia Orphanage

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