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Charity Programme Our Team Is Helping

What is the charity programme Our Team Is Helping?

We are offering this programme to enable people to help disabled orphans and also involve their colleagues (from work, educational institutions, sports clubs etc). It is very simple –

  • The initiator choses a specific need of a certain orphanage in which he wants to involve his team (needs can be found and chosen using the search form or this list).
  • The initiator and the coordinator agree on joint actions – for example, the team raises a certain amount of money (the necessary amount or part of it), hands over aid, participates in a charity event etc.
  • The team present a gift to children with disabilities (i.e. what has been agreed).

How much should be raised and how often in order for a team to help?

Most importantly, by helping disabled orphans, people first of all provide support to them! 
It does not matter whether you donate 50 or 5,000 UAH – of course, abilities vary. It is important that you as well as everyone in your team have understood the need to help one of the most socially disadvantaged groups in Ukraine – orphans with disabilities, i.e. those who have to face both abandonment and disability.

Teams that are already members of the charity programme Our Team Is Helping

  • Staff of the company [bvblogic]

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