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Finacial Policy

Details of the donations received and their spending are regularly published on our website Public Reporting. We usually add information on new donations on the next business day, and information on expenses 2-3 times a week. We appreciate your understanding that delays in adding information to the Public Reporting may occur as the accountant responsible for it is a volunteer.

Donations are credited to the account of the need chosen by the donor. If the donor did not choose any particular need, they are transferred to the most necessary one, or to our general account.

Not more than 10% of the donations can be spent on operational costs (the law allows us to spend not more than 20% of the donations on these costs), namely –

  • Office rental – we are renting a small office for collecting aid, holding meetings with volunteers etc.
  • Communication services (mail, telephone) and Internet access.
  • Transport services for the aid.

In the nearest future, operational costs will also include salary (with all taxes and fees) for employees. The first stage of the expansion will include Charity Manager (Project Manager) and Lawyer, and the second one – Psychologist (also HR Manager) and PR Manager.

Operational costs have become essential for our organisation since we have reached the level of development when many duties cannot be performed by volunteers only. That is why we have created the Board – a group of people making small monthly donations so that we are able to do much more for orphans with disabilities living at orphanages. The Board Membership is one of the best gifts because every member is not just helping orphans with disabilities but helping others to help them!

The head of our organisation has been and will be a volunteer.

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